<b>Marc de la BRASSINNE</b>
Co-founder and CEO retired Attorney General

The purpose of GML, and its mobile laboratories, is to be able to deploy rapid diagnostic and treatment systems directly in the heart of the most critical areas to avoid the spread of pandemics.

Jean-Luc Quicouillou
Jean-Luc Quicouillou CO-FOUNDER & COO
Pr. Infectious disease specialist
University Professor (UCL Belgium). Military doctor (e.r.) with the rank of colonel. Head of CTMA (Centre for Applied Molecular Technologies).
Olga VYBORNOVACo-founder and CVO
PhD, Qualified research, European projects coordination and management , R&D on knowledge engineering for the mobile lab, and innovation management practices for security end users.
Aleksandr VYBORNOV
Engineer in Telecommunications. Industrial experience and extensive field competence with telecommunication solutions
Pierre Vandenberghe
Pierre Vandenberghe
Pierre obtained in June 2019 a PhD in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (ULB). His research project focused on finding new therapeutic targets for the treatment of unresectable or therapy resistant gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) using in vivo and in vitro approaches. His findings led to the initiation of a Phase I clinical study in collaboration with the Erasmus Hospital. In June 2020, he joined the B-LiFE team for a one month mission in Turin (Italy). He is now working at CTMA as a research assistant providing scientific support for various projects.
Omar Nyabi
Omar Nyabi
Omar obtained his Ph.D. at KULeuven in Alzheimer’s disease field. Then, as postdoc, he enhanced his skills in transgenic mice generation in UGent. Afterwards, he moved to the beta cell therapy center in Diabetes at VUB.

Last but not least, he worked as a project manager in the laboratory of pediatric hepatology and cell therapy at UClouvain. Then smoothly sailed from academia to industry after flipping the mind-set.
Nowadays, Omar joined in CTMA where a myriad of cutting edge projects are running, to add value to team efforts.

Jean-François Durant
Jean-François Durant
Jean-Francois Durant is a molecular biologist (Masters in Biomedical Experimental Sciences, Specialization in Medical and Veterinary Mycology), with a 16 year experience in the development and validation of methods for rapid medical diagnostics. His experience covers the fields of : molecular techniques (PCR, real-time PCR, cloning, sequencing, pyrosequencing and NGS), scientific writing, teaching and training post-graduates. He is the author and the co-author of 9 publications in medical and environmental microbiology journals. He is currently a a researcher in CTM where he is in charge of projects aiming at (1) the molecular detection and identification of bacteria, fungi, helminths involved in human and animal diseases; (2) the establishment and the continuous improvement of a light fieldable laboratory; and (3) the daily management of a service activities dedicated to the design of qPCR assays.
Benjamin Smits
Benjamin Smits
Benjamin Smits graduated as laboratory technician Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Pathology at . Institute Paul Lambin in Brussel. Since late 2014 he has been working at CTMA as lab technician on a BioWin research project based on immunology, ELISAs and rapid tests.
Moreover, Benjamin is also part of the B-LiFE Team, leading and operating a light fieldable laboratory which was deployed in Guinea for three months during the last Ebola outbreak in West Africa
Nawfal Chibani
Nawfal Chibani
Nawfal graduated in 2012 in medical biology at the High School Francisco Ferrer. He started working in routine laboratory in microbiology, hematology and hemostasis. Then he performed a FOREM formation in biotechnology at the GIGA towe. Immediately after, he worked for 5 years at St-Luc Academic Hospitalin the hepatocyte bank’s clean rooms. In 2020 he joined CTMA where he is working as a lab technician.
Léonid Irenge Mwana Wa Bene
Léonid Irenge Mwana Wa BeneMD, MSc, PhD
Leonid Irenge is a scientist with extensive experience in medical, biological and microbiology research, gained from a background in Medicine (Medical Doctor) and Biological Sciences (Master in Biomedical Sciences, PhD in Biomedical Sciences). He has experience in the management of outbreaks of infectious diseases (Ebola Virus Disease, cholera and monkeypox).
Since 2003, he has been a senior researcher at CTMA/DLD-Bio where he has coordinated research on harmful biological. His main research fields include development of methods for rapid identification of biological agents in whatever samples, antimicrobial resistance and characterization of waterborne pathogens.
MOSTAFA BENTAHIRPhD, Postdoctoral senior fellow
Expert CTMA/DLD-BIO infrastructure, scientific research projects in infectious diseases, bacterial and viral models mimicking biological warfare pathogens.

Health & Policy Initiatives

Despite the strong inter-dependencies of people, animals and the environment, wildlife and ecosystem health are typically not adequately considered in the development of human health, agriculture, or conservation policies. As a result, these initiatives are missing the critical piece of the health and biodiversity puzzle. Policy often ends up lacking in science-driven guidance, and responses are reactive rather than proactive in predicting and preventing health and conservation threats.

  • GML works in a « one health » spirit.

GML Values

At Global Mobile Lab, we believe acting ethically and responsibly is not only the right thing to do, but also the right thing to do for our business.
Our Code of Business Conduct ensures that we hold ourselves and how we do business to a high standard, allowing us to fulfil our obligations to the many stakeholders we serve.

The success of our business depends on our ability to collaborate with suppliers that not only provide the highest quality products and services but are philosophically and strategically aligned with our commitment to our social and environmental responsibilities.
We have always considered our suppliers to be an extension of our supply chain and our workforce. Nothing we do would be possible without the hard work and commitment of each and every one of you.

We continue to implement the necessary measures to ensure business continuity in our operations during these challenging times. Safely delivering a sustainable supply of products and services to hospitals, laboratories, doctors, patients, and consumers is a top priority.
We follow the guidance and orders provided by Governments and Health authorities and update our clients, partners, and employees on the latest developments.


Taking advantage of our long established competences and know-how, health infrastructures and authorities, institutions and private users, can now deploy their mobile laboratory capabilities, for genetic testing (qPCR ) and serological testing (immunological analysis).



GML has a core focus of translating its strong diagnostic experience into actionable information for health policy makers via its C3 system.



GML can count on its fruitful collaboration with the CTMA and UCLouvain.



GML collaborate with intergovernmental organizations.