Project Description

Global Mobile Lab ™ is a reseller of the ETELM ™ products and solutions.

ETELM is a French SME with a core expertise and a solid experience in providing innovative end-to-end Mission and Business Critical Radio Communications solutions.

ETELM has been designing, developing and manufacturing radio infrastructure for private fixed and tactical networks (PMR, TETRA and lately Mission Critical LTE) for 40 years now. ETELM has developed an innovative 4GLinked solution that helps to interconnect TETRA and LTE radio infrastructures into a single unified network, allowing seamless communications (one-to-one/group calls) and services across technologies. The 4GLinked concept can be applied to other technologies such as, for example, DMR. ETELM also specializes in Critical Communications Portable and In-vehicle Solutions that are quick and easy to deploy and enable users on the field to communicate across different technologies (4G, TETRA and Hybrid 4G+TETRA).

As a developer and manufacturer, ETELM invests continuously in the R&D activities and has the flexibility to provide tailored solutions in conformity with the ETSI/3GPP standards. All our radio solutions are 100% designed and developed by our in-house R&D teams in France. Innovation, End-to-end Product Quality Control, Customer Satisfaction and Interoperability (no proprietary interfaces) are the four founding pillars of our Company and Product Culture.

By controlling the whole production process, ETELM ensures its products are high quality and extremely reliable. That is why many Public Safety and Critical National Infrastructure players like Airports, National Railways, Power plants, Utilities around the world trust ETELM with their Mission Critical Infrastructure. In addition, ETELM is an active member of TCCA and ETSI 3GPP Standardization bodies and collaborates closely with different Research institutes and Mission Critical Radio Ecosystem partners to promote international standards.

The current ETELM’s Product and Services Portfolio includes solutions and services for the following technologies:

  • TETRA networks: ETELM develops and manufactures a full TETRA infrastructure (switch, base stations and applications)
  • Mission Critical LTE networks: ETELM provides Radio Access Network (RAN) elements based on 3GPP MC LTE standards
  • Tactical LTE/LTE+TETRA solutions for Crisis Management (quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use in any environment)
  • Hybrid TETRA-LTE networks: the “4GLinked” platform. The 4GLinked solution allows to seamlessly connect (without any gateways or black boxes) both TETRA and LTE users enabling them to combine the benefits of both technologies
  • Consulting and Professional Services (radio studies, radio planning, training, …)
  • System Integration and System Architecture Services

ETELM works for Mission and Business Critical users that need secure and reliable communications.