Project Description

Decontamination Unit

Global Mobile Lab Team has the required training, experience, and capabilities to handle the complexities of a proper decontamination. GML Team can decontaminate your workspace and equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic, perform risk assessments, implement temperature screening programs, and much more.

  • UVC

  • hydrogen peroxide

  • microwave

  • dry heat systems


During global health emergencies such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, the decontamination of equipment and surfaces becomes a necessary means to keep up with the growing demand from employees, patients, consumers…

Many unverified methods are being considered, which can pose the risk of incomplete decontamination and lead to catastrophic results.

Several factors come into play when determining the suitability of such methods including the quality of the decontamination technique, the targeted pathogen, cost, ease of installation and use, rate of sterilization, and the surface or material to be sterilized.

GML’s techniques have been tested previously and have demonstrated efficacy in reducing or inactivating viral and bacterial pathogens.