Deployment in Guinea


Following the dramatic evolution of the Ebola Crisis in West Africa, Belgium and Luxemburg have offered a contribution to the national and international stakeholders (WHO, West African countries authorities, etc.) requiring assistance. A joint deployment of a light fieldable analytical capacity and a logistic chain of support for providing rapid diagnosis of EBOLA viral disease [...]

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Deployment in Italy


The COVID-19 pandemics is creating a catastrophic health situation in the world and in all European countries. Some European countries are suffering more than others. Italy had the largest number of victims after China. The Italian health infrastructures are overloaded. Increasing the number of reliable diagnostic tests of suspect cases is critical to reduce [...]

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Deployment in Belgium


The general context of the Bio-garden exercise was a Level 3 of European security applicable in EC countries justified by an unprecedented wave of terrorist activity in several European cities in the preceding months. In June 2018, the weather is unusually hot and “Nowhere Country” experiences an outbreak of norovirus-based gastrointestinal infections in the [...]

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Deployment in Sweden


The European Commission endowed the company Falck ( with the task to design, plan, conduct and evaluate five exercises for Medium/Heavy USAR, USAR in CBRN conditions, Advanced Medical Post with or without Surgery, Field Hospital, TAST, EUCPT as well as other capacities of the voluntary pool. The fourth exercise of this cycle featured medical modules [...]

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Deployment in Germany


On February 8-12, 2016, B-LiFE was deployed in Munich, side by side with the deployable capacity of Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology which is operating the EU Mobile Labs and had also been deployed for the Ebola crisis in West Africa. This deployment was dedicated to the preparedness of response to waterborne diseases. Water related [...]

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