The general context of the Bio-garden exercise was a Level 3 of European security applicable in EC countries justified by an unprecedented wave of terrorist activity in several European cities in the preceding months. In June 2018, the weather is unusually hot and “Nowhere Country” experiences an outbreak of norovirus-based gastrointestinal infections in the population.

Following an informer’s tips, the police forces feared a biological attack and were actively searching for evidence of terrorist activity. As one of the preventive measures for the final of the European Champion Leagues 2018 in the capital city, the “Nowhere Country” authorities decided to preventively deploy two analytical capacities (B-LiFE deployable laboratory and Hungarian military deployable laboratory) near the football stadium. Both capabilities were in stand-by mode and ready to operate.

Bio-garden took place in the morning of the 19th June with two tightly interconnected and simultaneous parts:

Investigations were conducted in a clandestine laboratory, the police discovered a clandestine laboratory containing recipients with white powder and coloured liquids which let suggest the manipulation and/or production of bioweapons. Several teams (police, civil protection and military CBRN sampling team) intervened to conduct investigations, provide samples to deployed laboratories and report to federal authorities (Federal Crisis Center and its CBRN Coordination Center);

Food Defence activities: At the same time, severe gastrointestinal symptoms were reported in VIP persons having been invited, the day before, to a lunch in one of the Capital’s best restaurants, as part of the social events preceding the football final. The public health authorities were informed that the same symptoms affect several citizens having ordered pizzas on the previous evening. All pizzas have apparently been delivered by the same pizzeria “No Name Bio-pizza”.

The outline of the scenario underlined:

The interaction and information sharing between Police, Civil Protection and Military CBRN Sampling Team in the clandestine lab;

The role of both deployed laboratories in fast analysis of samples received both from the clandestine lab and suspicious food samples (from the restaurant and the pizzeria);

The importance of communications, i.e. timely-relevant and well-coordinated information sent to the Federal Crisis Centre and its new CBRN Coordination Centre, and the speed of the feedback information to the scene.

To support the participants of this Exercise B-LiFE telecommunication team prepared a new solution (Fast Deployment Telecommunication Node for a Biological Light Fieldable laboratory for Emergencies) based on new Mobile Communication platform provided by SES (including satellite and WiFi subsystems), terrestrial telecommunication subsystems, based on TetraNode platform provided by Rohill and Nokia Ultra Compact LTE solution.