On February 8-12, 2016, B-LiFE was deployed in Munich, side by side with the deployable capacity of Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology which is operating the EU Mobile Labs and had also been deployed for the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

This deployment was dedicated to the preparedness of response to waterborne diseases. Water related emergency preparedness and outbreak response has become a significant issues in recent history: natural disasters (floods, hurricanes or droughts), man-made disasters (intentional contamination), and outbreaks (infections linked to the exposure of soiled water).

B-LiFE was deployed in a fictive context of a natural disaster affecting the sanitary conditions of a rural region of Germany. These poor sanitary conditions led to outbreaks caused by water contaminated with pathogens. The Belgian B-LiFE lab and the German IMB Bio-lab performed sampling and analysis of samples by means of NGS (next generation sequencing) technology in the field.